About Us

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We have been in business for the past 19 years, owning and operating Daley Home Management Corp, The Daley Company and Daley Detailing, offering services in the Construction Cleaning and Labour, Commercial Cleaning and Auto Detailing.  Family and fun are high on our priority and this is why we have chosen to take a couple days a week to do just that and this is why we have brought Rival Axe Throwing to Airdrie.  Daley Detailing at 3113, 109 Gateway Drive NE, is where all fun Axe Throwing is happening.

As a family owned business. our hearts desire is to offer people those amazing experiences that enable them to connect with their friends, and mark special moments in life. We want to be a place where people can celebrate, and have fun experiences that bring out the best in us. Our Rival Axe Throwing is one more way we are creating environments for people to have amazing times together. Rival Axe Throwing is one of the greatest ways for businesses to do team building with their staff, let off steam, or just have some time to let your hair down.

Ideal for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, new employee team launches, or family celebrations, we believe this is worth your time and effort. Book with us soon to take your connections to the next level.